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کارنیول کارپوریشن د اخالقیاتو او موافقت نوی مشر وټاکه

کارنیول کارپوریشن د اخالقیاتو او موافقت نوی مشر وټاکه
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Carnival Corporation today announced the appointment of Peter C. Anderson to the newly created position of chief ethics and compliance officer. Based at the company’s headquarters in د مایامي, Anderson will be a member of the executive leadership team and report directly to Carnival Corporation President and CEO آرنولډ ډونلډ.

Anderson is a former federal prosecutor with over 20 years of experience in corporate compliance. He had previously been the head of the White Collar and Compliance Group at the law firm of Beveridge & Diamond, PC, and was initially engaged by Carnival Corporation to conduct a compliance program assessment. Anderson also led the environmental compliance team on the Volkswagen monitorship over the past two years.

In this new role for Carnival Corporation, Anderson will direct strategy for and drive a culture of compliance and integrity that ensures adherence to legal and statutory requirements and the highest ethical principles. He will also lead the effort to develop new compliance training programs for the company’s 120,000 employees around the world and be responsible for making significant contributions to the company’s compliance risk management program, including identifying potential areas of risk in operations and implementing risk management plans.

Additionally, Anderson will oversee Operation Oceans Alive, Carnival Corporation’s environmental commitment and stewardship program, officially launched in 2018. Designed to promote a culture of transparency, learning and commitment within the corporation, Operation Oceans Alive ensures that all employees receive environmental education, training and oversight, while continuing the company’s commitment to protecting the oceans, seas and destinations in which it operates.

“I am honored and privileged to serve in this important role, and look forward to continuing to work with our leaders, and most importantly, our team of dedicated employees to help build an ethics and compliance program that is truly world class,” said Anderson. “Our strategic plan involves goals and key actions to build a strong and proactive compliance culture that is based on open communications – both listening and responding – as well as adequate resources and improved tools.”

Donald added: “Our commitment is to excellence in safety, environmental protection and overall compliance while delivering joyful vacations and great shareholder returns. Pete understands what it takes to help build a corporate compliance effort that is effective, and will help lead us to pursue compliance-related goals through pragmatic solutions that achieve measurable results – another important step in our firm commitment to sustaining long-term environmental compliance, excellence and leadership. Pete’s knowledge of global environmental law and corporate compliance makes him a valued addition to our leadership team, and we look forward to him playing a strong role in helping us consistently achieve and exceed our compliance objectives.”

After studying law at the د ورجینیا پوهنتون, Anderson clerked for a federal district judge in شارلټ ، شمالي کارولینا before joining the Honors Program at the Environmental Crimes Section at the United States Department of Justice in واشنګټن ډي سي He later became an Assistant United States Attorney in Charlotte، شمالي کارولینا. After leaving government service, Pete’s law practice involved both reactive defense and proactive compliance counseling services. He was also an adjunct professor at the Charlotte School of Law from 2010-15, teaching classes in fields including environmental law, corporate compliance, federal criminal law and compliance risk assessments.

Anderson received his Bachelor of Science (summa cum laude) in Environmental Science from د Rutgers پوهنتون. He was previously board-certified in corporate compliance through the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and is a frequent guest lecturer on a variety of corporate compliance issues and best practices.

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