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هوايي شرکت هوايي ډګر د سفر خبرونه ماتول سوداګري سفر خبرونه تکنالوژي د ترانسپورت د امریکا تازه خبرونه

DFW نړیوال هوایی ډګر: د سامانونو سمبالولو تکنالوژي


 دالاس فورټ ارزښت نړیوال (DFW) هوایی ډګر is using innovative technology to help its customers with more seamless transfers, by introducing Vanderlande’s autonomous vehicle solution FLEET, in the recheck area in Terminal D. The first of its kind robotic system can handle nearly 450 bags per hour and is being tested with transfer passengers who arrive from international flights and connect through DFW.

“DFW is testing the process to see how we might provide our customers with a more seamless journey using the award-winning technology within our current baggage infrastructure, and integrating automation for efficiency,” said Khaled Naja, DFW’s executive vice president of Infrastructure and Development. “As we go through the pilot program, DFW will evaluate this new technology and assess potential applications of robots and autonomous vehicles at different points within the Airport.”

“This particular application is both exciting and challenging for us, because FLEET will be working in a passenger area,” said Andrew Manship, Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President Airports. “Vanderlande believes FLEET aligns with the airport’s vision, because they have a strong commitment to improving the passenger experience, as well as showcasing the latest innovations.”

Customers who participate in the pilot program will use one of four self-bag drop units and identify the airline for their connecting flight using the touch screen. Each FLEET vehicle will transport an individual piece of luggage, transferring the passenger’s bag to the appropriate baggage belt.

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