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Currently, the 64th UNWTO Commission for the Americas is meeting in  La Antigua, Guatemala. Thursday was the first day.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili met with leaders of the Guatemala Tourism Institute (INGUAT)

The first activity today included discussions about the international seminar on destination management, which will deal with current challenges and opportunities for destination management at national and local levels, including the new role of destination management organizations (OGDs). ) and the development of smart destinations, through the exchange of ideas and good practices in destination management. The event is bringing together decision-makers and public actors from the Americas region involved in the formulation and implementation of tourism policies and promoting public-private partnerships. This meeting is addressed to the member delegations of the UNWTO, entrepreneurs of the tourism sector and more.

Sandra Carvao, Chief for Market Intelligence and Competitiveness at UNWTO was asked to speak at the UNWTO conference today. She moderated the panel alongside with ngside Humberto Rivas Ortega, Professor, School of Engineering in Management of Expeditions and Ecotourism, Chile, and Graciela Caffera, Representative, Punta del Este Convention&Visitors Bureau, Uruguay.

The agenda for the Commission is:

1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Communication of the Chairman of the Commission (Bahamas)

3. Report of the Secretary-General 3.1 International Tourism in 2018 and 2019 3.2 Implementation of Programme of Work 2018 and 2019 overview

4. Report on the implementation of the General Programme of Work for 2018-2019

4.1 Regional Activities

4.2 Update on Affiliate Members Activities

4.3 Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics

4.4 Ratification of the amendments to the Statutes: Chinese as an official language of UNWTO

5. 2019, Year of Education, Skills and Jobs – UNWTO Academy Report

6. Report on the draft Statistical Framework for Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism

7. Draft Programme of Work and Budget for 2020-2021

8. Nomination of candidates to the 23rd General Assembly offices and its subsidiary bodies:  two Vice-Chairs of the General Assembly  two Members of the Credentials Committee  Election of one Chair and two Vice-Chairs of the Commission (2019-2021)

9. Nomination of candidates to represent the region on the Executive Council and its subsidiary bodies:  two candidates to the Executive Council (2019-2023)  one candidate to the Programme and Budget Committee  two candidates to the Committee on Statistics and TSA  two candidates to the Committee on Tourism and Sustainability  two candidates to the Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness  one candidate to the Committee for the Review of Applications for Affiliate Membership 1

0. World Tourism Day 2018, 2019 & 2020  Election of the host country for World Tourism Day 2020

11. Other matters

12. Place and date of the 65th Regional Commission meeting for the Americas

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