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سکایپټس: کورني هوایی ځواک د کورني هوا نوي شرکت سره د څارویو لپاره لوړ الوتنه کوي


More and more pet owners are choosing to take their pets with them on flights and last year 25,000 Korean Air passengers did just that – a 50% increase on the previous year. Korean Air is keen to welcome furry or feathered friends onboard and on May 26 it will introduce SKYPETS, a frequent flyer program just for pets, where free flights and discounts can be earned.

With Korean Air’s SKYPETS program, every paid one-way flight with your pet will earn stamps that can be redeemed for free future pet services or discounts.

Every one-way domestic flight with a pet will earn one stamp, whereas a one-way international flights will earn two stamps.

Six stamps can be redeemed for a 50% discount on the pet service charge for a one-way domestic flight with the pet. Twelve stamps can be exchanged for the complete pet service fees on a domestic flight, or a 50% discount on the service charge for an international flight when traveling with pets. 24 stamps can be exchanged for a one-way ticket on international routes. The stamps are earned when travelling on flights operated by Korean Air and are valid for three years.

As an example, for travel within South Korea on a domestic flight from Jeju to Gimpo and combined with an international flight from Incheon Seoul to Bangkok, the entire roundtrip will earn a total of six stamps; two from the domestic sector and four from the international flight. With the six stamps earned from that journey, a 50% discount on the pet service charge for a future one-way domestic flight can be claimed.

The newly launched Korean Air SKYPETS program is designed to make travelling with pets as stress free and simple as possible; pet bookings and requests are simply added to the passenger’s itinerary after registering the pet on Korean Air’s website. Dogs, cats and birds can travel with Korean Air either in the cabin, or in the luggage hold, depending on their weight and size.

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